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Athens Vertical Pole Dance Academy


Pole Dance Fitness for All


What do I wear to pole dance?  

We recommend wearing bike or short fitted shorts (you want the back of your knees exposed), fitted tank or t-shirt. The more skin showing means more pole sticking.   And please DON’T USE LOTION before class. (the entire day if you can manage) It greatly hinders your ability to stick to the pole.

Will I feel out of place because of my size?

Not for long.  AVPDA understands that people come in many shapes and sizes.  Size can change over time according to the availability of fitness opportunities and stress levels.  We want our students to "bloom" right where they are right now!  If you want to dance your way into shape using that "mojo" you have locked up in there, then come pole with us.  Don't let subcutaneous fat cells get in your way.  Start dancing and soon you will forget about all THAT and start celebrating a healthier you.  

What is the class size?

We try not to have more than six people per class. That way everyone receives adequate instruction and gets plenty of time on the pole. Private lessons are available. AVPDA can also Create A Class for you.  Get a few friends together and we can provide a one time workshop or a weekly time slot just for you.

What will I learn?

Pole dance fitness classes are designed to strengthen your entire body, work muscles not used on a day-to-day basis & improve overall health. You will learn to navigate around the pole, spin on the pole, the art and science of inversions as well as some dance components on the floor. Each session will equip you with enough knowledge and strength to put together your own routine.  Professors will help you learn to perform and entertain at all skill levels.

Who should sign up?

Anyone and everyone! Most classes are female only but we take students both male and female of all ages! Contact Julie at to find out what class fits you best.  We do ask that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult.  We have a strong teen class learning amazing circus pole.

Isn't pole dancing just for strippers?

Nope! Although we greatly appreciate the skill and talent of the stripp tease, we focus on teaching pole dance as just another fun aerial performance option.   All of our teachers have strong aerial dance backgrounds and simply use the vertical pole as another tool to get students off the ground and having fun.  Vertical pole dance is an amazing, family-friendly, art for people of any gender and any age! 



Vertical Pole Classes Fall I 2015

Hi Friends,
 Fall I 2015 session starting Aug 10... Pole offered both Tues  and Thurs night... Go to and look for register "HERE" link under the scrolling pictures. See you in class!!!


  Pole Dance Fitness for All 


Pole Dance Fitness for All


Pole Dance Fitness for All


160-6a Tracy Street
Chase Street Warehouses
(Inside Canopy Studio)
Athens, GA 30601
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